Video 1 - August Night - B44 - Empflix - Ass Smothering

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You're sitting at your friend's house watching the ball game, having a few beers, but you can't concentrate on what's happening, what stats the announcers are spewing at that present moment...because your buddy's wife just walked through the living room into the kitchen wearing a bikini top with white shorts, the shorts thin enough to see the outline of her bikini bottoms on her perfectly round ass...and your cock starts to get hard. You stare at her tan skin, her sexy ass small-of-the-back tattoo that all you want to do is shoot your load all over after you banged her from behind, letting your imagination run wild...because that's all you'll ever have with her--your imagination...but when she comes into the living room and tells her hubby that she's going down to the pool, she bends over to whisper something into his ear, almost sticking her ass right in your face, and you wake up from your daydream, realizing that you would never try anything with her...she's your friend's wife for chri'sakes! However, when she rights herself up with a little cute bounce and giggles, she says goodbye to you, hopes you enjoy the game and the new chip dip she made for you two, and gives you a strange smile, sort of looking you up and down, biting her bottom lip...

Two days later, your buddy gives you a call and asks you to come over for a few beers on a Thursday night, and seeing that it's Friday the next day, you say "Why not?" and you go and buy some beer and head over. When you get there, you see a barrage of alcohol on the table, bottles of vodka and other spirits, and you wonder how many other people are also notice a video camera next to the bottles, just lying there totally out of place...

Your buddy's wife comes down the stairs a few minutes after you arrive, looking hot as ever in a pair of blue jeans and a tight pink tank top that pushes her tiny tits together, making them appear full and giving her some sexy cleavage...and there's something different about the way she's looking at you. Her greeting hug is longer than normal, her hand lingering on your back, rubbing softly, brushing off your ass as it after a couple hours of drinking, doing some shots, listening to music and dancing (very hot dancing, with you and your friend sandwiching his wife, her bottom rubbing and thrusting into your cock...very deliberately it seems to you) your friend picks up the video camera and starts filming you two dancing..."Would you ever fuck my wife?" he asks out of the stumble a little, thinking about fucking her the very second before he asked, and you guiltily spurt out, "Dude, no--man...she's--she's your wife." Your buddy laughs, tells you to stay cool, nobody's getting huffy and puffy about it, while his wife starts grinding on you, grabbing your ass, her mouth uber close to your neck, the heat of her breath filling your ear, her pink thong appearing above the line of her blue jeans, that sexy tattoo exposed...

Your friend steps up to you, camera in hand, and says, "Just curious...because I was wondering...well, we were wondering if you'd let me video tape you two wife loves to fuck for me and I love watching turns us on so much..." His wife starts rubbing your crotch, her fingers wrapping around the hard on that you instantly sprung at the thought of fucking her, and she whispers, "Come on, pussy's already so wet for you..." She saunters over to the stairs, her blue jeans sliding slightly down her gorgeous ass, showing you more of her pink thongs, seeing that tattoo in full, as she takes each step, her ass wiggling and pushing out, her tank top already off, thrown over the disbelievingly follow, entranced by the movements of her hips and her hands running all over her body as she makes her way slowly upstairs, her husband following right behind, filming her every move...

August Night

Birthdate: September 13th, 1981 Virgo
Age: 31
United States - California - Latin
Measurements: 34B-26-30
Height: 5'2"--158.5 cm
Weight: 106 lbs--48 kg

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August Night - B44 - Empflix - Ass Smothering

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August Night - B44 - Empflix - Ass Smothering

August Night - B44 - Empflix - Ass Smothering

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