The NFL’s Top Cheer Squads

1. Indianapolis Colts
I know, you expected to find the Dallas Cowboys on the top of this list, but no team has a more extensive of a library of cheerleader photos than the Indianapolis Colts. You can sort through over 2,000 shots that not only can be looked at, but also ordered. No other team in the league allows fans to do that.

The Colts are also the only team in the league to post a photo gallery of some of the favorites to join the squad next season. Fans can look at 65 candidates for the team and vote for who they think should join the team next. There's also a voting leaderboard for the candidates and the top vote getter, Lindsey K., has more than 1,000 votes.

2. Houston Texans
The Houston Texans were better than the Dallas Cowboys on the field this past season and they're better at exploiting their cheerleaders -- at least online -- than the Cowboys are.

The team has big bio pictures of the squad and is one of the few that offers screensaver wallpaper of every woman. The Texans are also the only team that offers fans the chance to see the girls in the gym as they give you their workout advice -- brilliant.

3. Dallas Cowboys
There's no doubt that this legendary group, with a history that spans 50 years, had to make this list. The team has its own Web page, has the most extensive schedule of off-the-field appearances and has a fully clickable roster with pictures of every group dating back to 1961.

There's no doubt that the Cowboys cheerleaders generate the most money of any squad in the league, not only from appearance fees but from exclusive sponsorships, including hair (Tigi Bed Head), Boots (Lucchese) and Tanning (Palm Beach Tan), but as far as online marketing goes, they're only number 3.

4. Miami Dolphins
NFL teams have a 53-man active roster throughout the season. The Miami Dolphins field a league - high 41 cheerleaders, which translates into a lot of offseason clicks throughs on their Web site. There are plenty of 'Cheerleader of the Week' videos, photo galleries and calendar shots.

5. Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles have the only cheerleader Web site that makes you click "continue" because of mature content ahead, click continue, it's worth it (for some people) . The Eagles have a really well organized roster section with easy to click video and photo galleries of each woman.

6. Tennessee Titans
To find some of the best cheerleader video, you'll have to go to the Tennessee Titans Web site. There, you'll find Swimsuit calendar video of all the entire team, which at 24 women is actually the smallest in the league.

However, if you want these cheerleaders to show up at an event, it’s going to cost you. The Titans charge $300 per hour, per cheerleader for performances and $200 per cheerleader per hour if you’re hosting a meet-and-greet.

7. Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs also understand that static pictures of cheerleaders aren't going to create buzz in 2011. The site features great videos of the cheerleaders, sponsored by Sprint, where fans can get to know the girls. But if you want to meet these cheerleaders in person, it’ll cost you $250 per hour, per cheerleader for their appearance fee.

8. Oakland Raiders
After the Cowboys, the Raiderettes get the most press in the league. Given the team's performance in recent years, it's one of the few redeeming aspects of going to their games. The Raiderettes have among the most sponsors including Euphoria Nail and Body Bar, MAC makeup, Betsey Johnson swimwear and 365 Teeth Whitening.

As for appearance fees at events, Raiders cheerleaders cost a planner $400 each, per hour, to show up, with a minimum of two cheerleaders required at an event.

9. New England Patriots
Video is the major theme. The Patriots were smart in that they have video pre-rolled, so once you click on a cheerleader's bio, you'll automatically see video of them. They also have an extensive gallery of photos sorted by cheerleader and are one of the few teams to keep previous squad galleries up on their site -- why delete them?

10. Denver Broncos
While it's not the greatest cheerleader site, the sponsorship revenue the Broncos cheerleaders bring in is pretty impressive. There's a company sponsoring tanning, yoga and spa services.

The Broncos are also the only cheerleading squad that has a breast augmentation sponsor, Dr. Ben Lee. They’re also one of the only teams, if not the only team, to sell cheerleader packages for events.
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Top 10 Whorehouse

Big Sister

Prague, Czech Republic

By definition, not to mention tradition, a brothel is a place where you pay for sex. Big Sister, however, is free. Like the cheapest brand of internet porn, Big Sister is free. There’s a catch, of course. After finishing your private act, Big Sister shows you to the world -- on cable TV. It is a sexual show-and-tell, and it’s coming to America.

As the first sex-based reality television show, Big Sister has spread its seed across satellite channels all over Europe. The girls are well-paid ($4,400 to $7,400 a month) and are mostly Czech and Slovak. If all this sounds like a Slavic dream come true and you decide to dust off your cleats at home plate, let’s hope you don’t suffer from stage fright.

The Site

Sydney, Australia

The Site is a modern club with a healthy diversity of female types that will cater to the fantasy girl you lust after. If you want “Black African Glamour,” “Wild and Raunchy Brunette” or “Hot and Sassie Blonde Aussie,” The Site can fuel your desire. The prices are typical ($150 for a half-hour booking, $270 for an hour), but it should be said that The Site is where sex is primary, and perhaps a little gritty.

FKK World

Frankfurt, Germany

FKK World is actually a house in the German forest, 25 miles from Frankfurt. Like many German brothels, FKK World was built for American tourists and tastes. There is an indoor and an outdoor area with pools, a sauna, an erotic cinema, and a sports bar just in case it’s Super Bowl. This is also the place to go if you’re looking for a raucous event, like a Halloween celebration. For special events, the girls go extra wild by skinny-dipping and bouncing around in an arousing game of beach volleyball.


Bangkok, Thailand

The Nana Entertainment Plaza in downtown Bangkok is an immense den of iniquity. A four-floor compound with over 40 bars, Nana stands at the apex of Thailand’s nightlife insanity. Most of the bars here (including G-Spot, Rock Hard and Lollipop) are go-go bars where girls dance in various stages of undress. Unlike the formal brothel experience, however, men must negotiate with the female workers based on their mutual interest in sex and money. If a suitable arrangement can be made, you’re in business.

Bernds Sauna Club

Schieferhof, Germany

The Bernds Sauna Club is so German, its website has a philosophy: it proclaims itself the “Mutter aller Clubs” or “the mother of all clubs.” In other words, if you drive out to Schieferhof, you might crystallize the seldom-realized dream of making it with your dream MILF (not that the ladies here are mothers). However, the club is more of a house, and the best time to visit might be in the summer -- when the girls are getting dirty in the garden, lying on chaise-lounges and splashing in the kiddie pool.

FKK Oase

Frankfurt, Germany

FKK Oase is located in the woods, not far from Frankfurt. For its decor and architecture, FKK Oase has gone Greek, relying on abundant columns, pillars and Venus statues to make you feel like Ajax returning from battle. If you’re in need of a place to rest, you’ve come to the right place -- let the women do the work. As you walk through the halls, the naked reflections of copious female bodies bounce off the floor-to-ceiling mirrors. But in keeping with the theme, you play hard-to-get, while the girls sidle up to you, desperate to drag you off to a little, dimly lit cabana for some drawn-out satisfaction.


Rio, Brazil

Brazil is one of those exotic lands where the women all seem voluptuous, with tight bodies and beautifully tanned bundas. In Brazil, brothels are called termas, Centaurus is the place and the women are mind-boggling. As you enter, the initial cost is $210, which buys you 40 minutes with any girl. If you’ve never kissed a Brazilian, Centaurus will pop your Latino cherry.

The Relax Nightclub

Hamburg, Germany

The Relax Nightclub might just charm the pants off you. Upon entering the lavish nightclub, the German vixens work like Geisha to put you in the right mood to have fun. Like a masquerade ball, you will be greeted by many girls wearing masks and lingerie. The Relax manner is a classical and erotic approach to sex that delays gratification in favor of anticipation.

The Bunny Ranch

Carson City, NV   

When a town promotes itself with the line “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” you would think that sex would be offered on the platter. Such is not the case in the perhaps inaptly named Sin City. For your taste of brothel life in Nevada, head to Carson City -- just northwest of Vegas. If you’re looking for a kinky adventure, check out the legendary Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Just outside Carson City, The Bunny Ranch is a connected set of trailers full of XXX-looking bombshells. However, according to owner Dennis Hof, who calls himself America’s “Pimpmaster General,” “Sex is more about fantasy and role-play than it is about penetration.” With the endorsement of legendary sex addicts like Howard Stern, Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner, the bunnies must have a few tricks down their panties.


Sydney, Australia

Like a pouting pair of red lips, Tiffany’s delivers the goods. In Sydney, where brothels seem to spread like wildfire, Tiffany’s takes the cake. Boasting Sydney’s largest selection of girls and five terraces set in a peaceful area of the countryside, Tiffany’s is completely red, like a Freudian dream. Catering to the upscale crowd, Tiffany’s is a sophisticated joint with themed rooms, crafted for a more exotic experience, carried out by buxom ladies who will make you feel like a kid in a candy store.
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Top 7 Edison Chen Victims

Bobo Chan (陈文媛), 28
Relationship: The former singer-actress is now the fiancee of businessman, Phillip King. She was linked to Edison from 2001 to 2004. Her wedding was said to be in the rock after the scandal broke, but was saved when she flew to America to pacify her beau.

Cecilia Cheung (张伯芝), 27
Relationship: Wife of singer, Nicholas Tse. She is a well-known actress in the Chinese entertainment scene and was linked to Edison in 2003. So far, she has been keeping a low profile over the scandal.

Gillian Chung (钟欣桐), 27
Relationship: One half of the popular singing and acting girl group, Twins. In 2001, she starred in a video for one of Edison’s song, Scandal (really!) in 2001 and rumours of their relationship started from there. She had since publicly apologised over the scandal, saying she had been “naive and very silly”.

Candice Chan (陈思慧), 27
Relationship: She is a friend of Edison’s older sister and was previously a singer, with not much commercial success. After the scandal, she has written on her blog entries that she was unhappy.

Vincy Yeung (杨永晴), 19
Relationship: She is Edison’s current girlfriend and is also the niece of his former boss, Emperor Entertainment chairman, Albert Yeung. She seems relatively unaffected by the scandal so far and Edison had flew to Boston to spend time with her since the incident.

Rachel Ngan (颜颖思), 25
Relationship: The model-actress of Chinese-Pakistani parentage has said she met Edison through a mutual friend before she became a celebrity. They were linked while making a movie together in 2000. She had earlier declared she has never taken sexy photos with Edison when the scandal first broke, but has not commented since.

Mandy Chen (陈育嬬), 31
Relationship: She was a contestant in the 2001 Miss Chinese International beauty pageant. Edison was a guest performer at the event. She did not win and went back to Australia after that. Not much is know about her and she has not spoke to the media yet regarding the scandal.
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Top 10 Sexy Beach Bodies

Nicole Scherzinger
We all noticed that Nicole has a passion for shiny and tight pants, but here we have passion for her swimwear! Very shaped and curvy body, just like man wanna see on a beach!

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson is an incredible actress who makes good movies. In one thing she is also incredible: Scarlett Johansson’s curves make her one of the sexiest bodies of Hollywood. Maybe she need to get color a little bit, but still we love her!

Eva Mendes
Born in Miami, Florida, she certainly knows what kind of body you need to have to look sexy at beach. And she is showing it to us. Eva Mendes’ body is a temple. Soft and beautiful color skin!

Super sexy Beyonce rocks out an itsy bitsy teeny weeny sexy yellow string bikini. What can we say about her body, that hasn’t been said before! She is so sexy at a beach.

Heidi Klum
She is a German supermodel and super sexy woman!This woman rocks. She has a three kids, and still looks magnificent! Its a woman we all want to see at the beach and after beach in our rooms! Keep rocking, Heide…

Alessandra Ambrosio
When Ambrosio was 12 years old, she enrolled in modeling classes then, began modeling for Dilson Stein at age 15. Now she is one of the most beautiful models and just to say Alessandra Ambrosio in bikini is argh… And by the way this is another mother at the list. Lucky child :)

Emily Scott
Scott was announced as “Sexiest Aussie Babe” by FHM Australia after a readers` poll. She has been labeled Australia’s Sexiest Export following her international success. As a Dj she tours Europe, Australia and Asia playing House and Electro sounds in the World’s best clubs. Imagine Emily playing music just for you, in a swimwear on some lonely island. Wow!

Denise Richards
Denise Lee Richards, an American actress and former fashion model. We have all been exited watching her at her reality show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated. It doesn’t matter what role she has,the important is that she is showing on a screen! This is just a perfect body! Great look, great boobs, great legs. great swimwear. If you need a guy, just call me, please! :)

Tyra Banks
She first became famous as a model in Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo and New York. She is a creator of a reality television show America’s Next Top Model . With this kind of a look, every door is opened for her. Every man is weak near her. She is woman hypnotizer. Looks beautiful, especially in swimwear when she is showing everything she has. And she has a lot to show…

Halle Beary
Scene in James Bond movie when she gets out from a sea… Just perfect! And a sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton in Monsters Ball is one of the most realistic sex scene I have ever seen. Her body, eyes, bobs makes her one of the hottest woman on a planet!

Pamela Anderson
Everything I can say about Pam is Save me, I’m drowning!. She was, and she still is the sexiest safeguard on planet, that’s for sure!

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba is just natural. She doesn’t have to have a make up to look beautiful, and because of that, she is a perfect candidate for this list. She has a beautiful body, not to sexy, the body you can watch all day long and enjoy! The only thing you can do is to fall in love in her! Welcome to the club…

Adriana Lima
God bless whoever invented the camera, because this beauty, this sex bomb, this The sexiest body on Earth must stay captured, so it can live forever! Every man would love her to be his girlfriend, and I must say a lot of woman, because she is a goddess! Lima, or Maric, whatever your surname is now, you are a perfect beach queen. Congratulation!
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Top 10 Bollywood Actresses

Katrina Kaif
Special talent: Doll face and a shapely ass that rivals Jennifer Lopez's
Beautiful , elegant, charming and angelic would be the best adjectives to describe this beauty, Katrina Kaif. Born in Hong Kong but bred in Hawaii and London, Katrina Kaif comes from a family of seven sisters. Her mother is English and her father is a NRI originally from London. Her debut film was Boom which doomed in the box-office. Her Hindi diction is poor but she is making every effort to improve her Hindi.

Priyanka Chopra
Special asset: Stylish look and a tight ass
Priyanka Chopra is a 26 year-old girl is the copybook success story. She spent the requisite gym-hours, became Miss World and entered Bollywood. Where she actually slogged it out and earned herself the applause. After a hectic schedule with six films in a row this year, Priyanka said shooting for Dostana with Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham was like a vacation and a rejuvenating experience for her.Priyanka is the pick of the glamour brigade, an extremely desirable pin-up babe who is a definite performer.

Aishwarya Rai
Special asset: Slender body and a curvy figure
Born in a traditional south Indian family, Aishwarya Rai started modelling at a young age. This green-blue eyed beauty stole ads for many prestigious firms, the ones which brought her into the limelight were the garden sari and the pepsi ad. Crowned Miss femina '94 runner up, she was a hot favorite to win the miss world title, which she did! Her beauty and charm made her India's darling.
The girl with a million-dollar face combined with a strong personality and intelligence conquered Bollywood. Almost all the happening directors and producers of Bollywood started booking her dates for their projects. The success of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Taal proved that she possessed and could deliver all that it takes to top the charts in Bollywood.

Preity Zinta
Special asset: Beautiful face with dimple smile and talent.
Psychology graduate. Preity Zinta has won many awards for acting. Preity acts in just about one film a year. She made a special appearance in the film, Krrish, and while her screentime in Karan Johar's mammoth Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna is very little, she's one of the few to escape all the critical rants. She is goodlooking, smart, spontaneous and intelligent, producers sign her up easily in their films.

Kareena Kapoor
Since Kareena's debut in the 2000 film, Refugee, she has acted in nearly 30 films, majority of them bringing her critical success rather than commercial success. Despite this fact, she has emerged today as one of the top and most versatile actresses from the industry.

Sushmita sen
Sushmita Sen made India proud as he won the Miss Universe crown in 1994. She was 19 then. She displayed great maturity when asked about the after feel of winning the crown. According to her, she told that it was more a responsibility than glamour alone.

Deepika Padukone

 Bipasha Basu

Riya sen

Mallika Sherawat
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