Top 50 Women On Internet

#1 Gaga - 578,000,000 results. Whether it's her outrageous styles or her catchy tunes, Lady Gaga wins hands down by a significant margin.

#2 Justin Bieber - 496,000,000 results. No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This 17-year-old Canadian crooner somehow made it into Google's report. He was also in the 2010 list and was ranked 7th.

#3 Rihanna -384,000,000 results. Ranked 5th last year, a new album coupled with some controversial songs and provocative music videos could have been the perfect formula for her success

#4 Cher - 340,000,000 results. Her charm is seemingly timeless, as is the endless support from her loyal fans.

#5 Nicki Minaj - 296,000,000 results. She was unranked last year, but COED magazine reported that being the first artist ever to have seven songs on the Billboard Top 100 probably did the trick.

#6: Britney Spears - 277,000,000 results. A new album this year helped her retain her sixth spot, although the lack of activities in 2010 also landed her the same rank.

 #7: Katy Perry - 263,000,000 results. The release of her album Teenage Dreams saw many catchy singles being played on radio. Being the voice of Smurfette and marrying Russell Brand also played a part in her rise from the 22nd spot last year.

#8: Shakira - 239,000,000 results. Despite having been on album promotion tours for a long time, Shakira managed to move up from the 11th spot from last year.
#9 Kim Kardashian - 232,000,000 results. The reality TV show star's recent marriage to professional Basketball player Kris Humphries could have helped her rise from last year's 23rd spot.

#10 Madonna- 230,000,000 results. The Queen of Pop fell from the 3rd spot last year, perhaps due to her inactivity this year.
#11 Jennifer Lopez - 214,000,000 results. The Hispanic singer was ranked 16th last year, and her slight rise in ranks might be due to being an American Idol judge, the release of a new album, and her recent divorce from Marc Anthony.
#12 Miley Cyrus - 207,000,000 results. The teenage singer-actress slipped from the eighth spot, probably due to the trouble she's been getting into the past year.
#13 Beyonce - 195,000,000 results. The blissfully-pregnant singer has been hard at work for her new album, which could be why she slipped from the 4th spot.

#14 Selena Gomez - 179,000,000 results. The teenage pop star was unlisted last year, so her jump to the 14th spot could probably be attributed to the fact that she's dating Justin Bieber, who is ranked second

#15 Adele - 177,000,000 results. She was unranked last year, but she released her 2nd album to rave reviews this January and having her single reach the #1 Billboard spot certainly helped a lot.

#16 Avril Lavigne - 175,000,000 results. She ranked 10th last year and remains the youngest female vocalist ever to have the #1 spot on the Billboard UK
# 17 Lindsay Lohan - 173,000,000 results. All the drunken incidents and shoplifting probably got everyone's attention, which explains the slight improvement from being ranked 20th last year
#18 Taylor Swift - 159,000,000 results. The country singer is currently on tour promoting her album. She was ranked 12th last year.

#19 Paris Hilton - 145,000,000 results. She slipped 10 spots from ninth position last year.

#20 Angelina Jolie - 134,000,000 results. She slipped from last year's 13th spot, but it could be due to her increased time spent on being a mother to six children.

# 21: Oprah Winfrey - 124,000,000 results
# 22 Megan Fox 118,000,000 results
#23 Christina Aguilera 111,000,000 results
#24 Mariah Carey 107,000,000 results

#25 Sarah Palin 90,100,000 results

#26 Kate Middleton - 81,300,000 results

#27 Jessica Alba - 79,500,000 results
#28 Fergie - 73,700,000 results
#29 Ashley Tinsdale - 71,600,000 results

#30 Jennifer Aniston - 71,300,000 results

#31 Kirsten Stewart - 71,300,000 results
#32 Jessica Simpson - 69,100,000 results

#33 Emma Watson - 67,500,000 results
#34 Vanessa Hudgens - 62,400,000 results

#35 Kylie Minogue - 62,700,000 results

#36 Kesha - 61,600,000 results
#37 Ciara - 58,800,000 results

#38 Hilary Duff - 58,500,000 results

#39 Chelsea Handler - 57,800,000 results

#40 Penélope Cruz - 57,200,000 results

#41 Nicole Scherzinger - 56,400,000 results

#42 Natalie Portman - 53,100,000 results

#43 Michelle Obama - 52,900,000 results

#44 Scarlett Johansson - 52,700,000 results

#45 Hillary Clinton - 51,400,000 results
#46 Kelly Clarkson - 51,400,000 results
#47 Carrie Underwood - 50,500,000 results

#48 Cheryl Cole - 49,700,000 results
#49 Marilyn Monroe - 47,900,000 results

#50  Blake Lively - 47,800,000 results  
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