Cammi Tse 謝芷蕙

Name: Cammi Tse 謝芷蕙
Date of Birth: Mar 18, 1995
Weight: 170 cm
Weight: 46 kg
About: Cammi Tse
謝芷蕙 is a young 16-years old model from Hong Kong who was recently reported to be involved in a photo scandal with the none other than Hong Kong playboy, Edison Chen 冠希. Edison has become embroiled once again, ever since his photo scandals in 2008 that rocked the entire world, and this time with a 16-year-old model, Cammi Tse. This time, Edison is seen kissing and hugging Cammi in the leaked photos from her lost cell phone.

One of Edison's exes called the relationship "sick" for embarking on a relationship with a 15-years age gap. It was revealed that Edison and Vincy Yeung (niece of Albert Yeung from the Emperor Entertainment Group) broke up several months ago and he started dating Cammi way back in May 2011. Edison utilized Whatsapp to start his pursuit and frequently drove Cammi around in his car to dine at posh restaurants, in which the bills easily surpassed several thousand Hong Kong dollars per meal.

Madly in love, Cammi often left messages on her blog hinting at her secret relationship with Edison, including "secret love passwords" such as "abcde" which signified "EDC baby". Their steamy text messages were also exposed, in which Edison begged Cammi to bring uniforms and swimming suits whenever she comes over to his place.

Edison confirmed that he dated Cammi but that was the past and he is single again now. When asked if there were any photos beyond kissing, Camie said there were no sexual contact with Edison and no nudity shots on her phone.

However, when interviewed by Hong Kong's Suddenly Weekly (忽然1), Cammi totally lost it and tearfully confirmed that she did indeed lost her virginity to Edison - this statement contradicted what she had previously told media. Cammi also admitted Edison filmed a 2-minute bedroom scene but stressed she did wear underwear and a uniform while doing it. "Although we were together for only three months, we really had a great time. He loved me so much at the time and I believe he was wholehearted," she told the weekly, with even more tears rolling down her cheeks.

This wasn't the first high-profile scandal case involving popular young model Camie, who is still in high school at Kowloon Bay. Turning 16 earlier in March 2011, Cammi met Taiwanese model, Shum Chi Ming 萬寧哥哥 at a nightclub and had some unpleasant encounters with him at his home.

It's hard to imagine what Cammi went through at such tender age with very little experience in today's entertainment industry. Sometimes I wondered, if they're real. Or is it staged to create hypes? Who are the real victims? With the rise of "leng mo" (beautiful models), the male celebrities better watch out! What do you think?

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